24 things better than Kobe Bryant

24 things better than Kobe Bryant
Some people are outraged over ESPN ranking Kobe Bryant the 25th-best, but have they looked at the big picture?

There are, in fact, 24 things better than Kobe Bryant, so don’t jump the gun. ESPN got it right.

Here are 24 things that are awesome, and better than Kobe Bryant.

24. McDonald’s — $1 for a hamburger or $30 million for a basketball player?

23. Michael Bay movies — $30 million for explosions or $30 million for a basketball player?

22. Memes – They’re just so funny. I laugh at every one.

21. Parody accounts — Every single famous person needs a parody account.

20. Vine — Six seconds of shaky jumpcuts? Yes please.

19. Infomercials — So many great deals on useful products, the original ‘mercials are just a bonus.

18. Celebrity couple names — Cute and adorable.

17. Smush Parker — A very underrated role player whose teammates often weighed him down.

16. Dane Cook — With so many douchebag comedians these days, Dane Cook’s original approach is always refreshing.

15. Tom Cruise — An upstanding example of an all-american religious man.

14. Craig James — Politics, sports, homicide; is there anything the man can’t do?

13. Tim McCarver — The World Series isn’t really that big of a deal compared to the man breaking it down.

12. Adam Sandler — I love it when actors play multiple genders in a movie.

11. Ted Cruz — Someone had to step up and be America’s voice of reason.

10. Raccoons — They clean out your garbage so the city doesn’t have to.

9. Bees — Yes, the bees.

8. Jorts — A little less denim, a lot more breathing room.

7. Mohawks — I’m always surprised whenever a cool guys with a mohawk doesn’t have a job.

6. Bodybuilding — Shows what proper exercise and nutrition can do for you.

5. Fraternities — Building bonds and relationships that will last a life time.

4. The Twilight Saga — If only Kobe showed as much emotion as Kristen Stewart on the court.

3. Two and a Half Men — Where witty one-liners go to thrive.

2. Sarcasm — A great form of humor.

1. Lists — Journalism has been reborn.

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